Nick Cannon’s youngest son dies of brain tumor at five months – .

Nick Cannon’s youngest son dies of brain tumor at five months – .

Nick Cannon has confirmed that his youngest son, Zen, has passed away.
The actor, 41, made the announcement in today’s episode (December 7) of the Nick Cannon Show and explained that her youngest died after suffering from a rare brain tumor.

Zen was born in June, and Cannon recalled when he and his wife Alyssa Scott learned their youngest had a condition called hydrocephalus.

“I always noticed he was coughing so I wanted to check,” he started.

“He had this interesting breathing and by the time he was two months old I noticed he also had this nice sized head – a cannon head.

“We didn’t think about it. But I wanted to take her to the doctor for her sinuses and her breathing. We thought it would be routine.

Shortly thereafter, Cannon and his wife were informed that Zen had a malignant tumor and while undergoing brain surgery for this disease, his health deteriorated during Thanksgiving and he quickly deteriorated.

Cannon then detailed their last days together, explaining that the family had spent “the most quality time” together.

“This weekend, I made an effort to spend as much time as possible with Zen,” he tearfully told the audience. “We woke up on Sunday and went to the ocean with him and Alyssa, then I had to go back to New York for the show.

“I received a call on my way to the airport to return to Zen. “

Cannon said he wanted to return to work and keep busy to help him with his grieving process.

He went on to describe the episode as a “celebration of life” for his deceased son, and added, “You can’t heal until you feel yourself. “

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