Next pandemic could be ‘deadlier’, warns scientist behind Oxford jab – .

Next pandemic could be ‘deadlier’, warns scientist behind Oxford jab – .

TThe omicron variant is “spreading rapidly” in the UK and may soon become the dominant strain of Covid-19, experts have warned, after the number of cases rose by more than 50% in one day.

The number of confirmed cases in Britain rose to 246 yesterday, the British Health Security Agency confirmed, an increase of 86 in 24 hours, while “hundreds” more are likely to circulate undetected.

There have been 18 new cases in Scotland, with a rapidly escalating epidemic in the west of the country and the first confirmed case in the Edinburgh area, while the remaining 68 new infections have been recorded in England.

While there are still uncertainties about the strain’s transmissibility and how resistant it could be to vaccines, scientists have warned that there is mounting evidence that it is spreading. much faster than the currently dominant delta variant.

Professor Mark Woolhouse, government science adviser, told the BBC that the omicron variant was “highly transmissible” and was spreading “very rapidly” in South Africa.

Daniel Sanderson has more details on this story here. And here’s a look at the trajectory of the outbreak in the UK:


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