New Biden Covid-19 plan will reimburse home tests – .

New Biden Covid-19 plan will reimburse home tests – .

“We agree and applaud that the president takes a holistic view,” Dr Nirav Shah, president of the Association of State and Territory Health Officials, adding that “for this next phase of the pandemic, rapid access to rapid testing will be key. “

Senior administration officials, speaking on condition of anonymity for a preview of the plan Thursday evening, said it aimed to keep the economy, workplaces and schools open.

Much of the plan is to redouble our efforts to get people vaccinated, including the latest group to become eligible, children aged 5 to 11. all eligible ages, according to a backgrounder provided by the White House.

The plan also includes a nationwide campaign to reach the 100 million Americans who are eligible for booster shots and who haven’t had one. The campaign will include paid advertising and free trips to vaccination sites coordinated by AARP, the advocacy group for the elderly in America. And the Federal Emergency Management Agency will launch what the administration calls family mobile immunization clinics, starting with deployments to Washington and New Mexico. The goal is for states and localities to replicate the model “with full federal funding and support,” officials said.

Mr Biden called on employers to give employees time off with pay to get recalls.

Mr Biden’s new strategy will extend the mask’s current tenure for people on planes, trains and buses, as well as in terminals and transit centers, until mid-March. But the president, who has insisted strongly on wearing a mask at the start of the pandemic, does not seem ready to call on governors to revive the mask mandates that many of them have abandoned.


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