Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” reception at the Résidence de France – .

Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” reception at the Résidence de France – .

Actor William Abadie, Darren Star (creator and executive producer of “Emily in Paris”), series star Lilly Collins, actress Ashley Park and series director Andrew Fleming.

Last night, the French ambassador Philippe Étienne and Madame Patricia Étienne joined Netflix to organize a cocktail in honor of the successful series of the streaming giant Emilie in Paris, which will soon launch its second season.

Held inside the Kalorama estate known as the “Residence of France,” which the Ambassador and his wife call home in the district, the reception drew a crowd including members of Congress, journalists, and politicians. lobbyists and Hill employees.

Between two bites of from cold meats and sips of wine, attendees attended a panel discussion with the cast, series creator Darren Starr and Netflix director Peter Friedlander. Given the show’s comedic tone, the topic of conversation has been deliberately kept light. The group covered everything from celeb favorite places in France to some of the more humorous creative freedoms taken by the show’s writers.

Season 2 of “Emily in Paris” premieres December 22, 2021 on Netflix.

Guests at Wednesday’s reception were treated to a panel with the cast and crew of Emily in Paris.
Lily Collins, who plays Emily.
Ashley Park, who plays Mindy.
William Abadie, who plays Antoine.
Peter Friedlander, director of scripted series for the US and Canada at Netflix, moderated the conversation, with series creator Darren Star.
Farewell gifts to guests included a colorful selection of macaroons from French bakery Ladurée.
Steve Clemons (editor-in-chief at The hills) and Heather Podesta (Founder and CEO of Invariant).
Ambassador Charles Rivkin (President and CEO of the Motion Picture Association) and Susan Tolson.
Roswell Encina (head of communications at the Library of Congress), Amir Afkhami, associate professor at George Washington University, and Hastie Afkhami (head of digital at S-3 Group).
Congressman Dusty Johnson (right) and Alana Lomis, Johnson’s planner.
Emilie in Paris director Andrew Fleming (middle) with series stars Lily Collins and Ashley Park.
The panel kept the conversation light.
Borchien Lai (Foreign Policy Advisor to Senator Jon Ossoff) and Lawrence Duncan III (Partner of Monument Advocacy).
The cast cracks when the ambassador is introduced.
Ruchi Bhowmik (VP of Public Policy at Netflix) and Kriti Doval (Associate Director of the US India Strategic Partnership Forum).
Lily Collins et Ashley Park.
The buttons for last night’s reception were brought from Ladurée to Georgetown.
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