Natural Gas Price Forecast – Natural Gas Outage Trend – .

Natural Gas Price Forecast – Natural Gas Outage Trend – .

Natural gas markets collapsed during Tuesday’s session as we fell well below the crucial $ 4.75 level. At this point, I think the winter trend is over, and we are now in a “sell the rallies” phase. Most of this is based on warmer than expected and usual temperatures in the United States, which should last for some time. For this reason, I have no longer any interest in trying to buy this market, especially now that we have passed through what is such obvious support.

NATGAS video 01.12.21

Natural gas markets are likely to be weak overall, because quite frankly the United States is absolutely bathed in natural gas. For years you couldn’t give it away because it was so plentiful. This is the natural state of affairs, and now that people have stopped including Europe’s issues in an American contract, we may see a return to normalcy. Keep in mind that we are negotiating the January contract, so with warmer than usual temperatures in January that will have a direct effect on what happens here.


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