Myanmar protest reportedly turned deadly in Yangon (local media) – .

Myanmar protest reportedly turned deadly in Yangon (local media) – .

A reporter who witnessed the incident told CNN that it was a military vehicle that crashed into the protesters.

Eleven protesters were arrested at the scene of the incident, including two men and a woman who were injured, according to a statement from the Burmese army. However, the statement did not acknowledge the reported deaths or the alleged attack on the vehicle.

The United Nations in Myanmar condemned the incident, issuing a statement denouncing “the reported attack on a number of unarmed civilians in Kyimyindaing County, Yangon, in which a vehicle belonging to security forces rammed into demonstrators who were then the target of live ammunition leading to deaths and injuries to many people. “

The US embassy also reacted, saying it was “horrified by reports that security forces opened fire, crushed and killed several peaceful protesters this morning in Yangon”.

“We support the right of the Burmese people to demonstrate peacefully,” the embassy added.

The incident comes as Myanmar awaits verdicts in the trials of ousted civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who faces nearly a dozen charges, including incitement and violation of Covid-19 protocols. She rejected all the allegations.

The 76-year-old Nobel Laureate was Myanmar’s state councilor and de facto leader until the military seized power in a February 1 coup.


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