Mercedes, Kingspan terminate F1 partnership deal after Grenfell United conviction – .

Mercedes, Kingspan terminate F1 partnership deal after Grenfell United conviction – .

Mercedes and Kingspan have mutually agreed to end their F1 partnership after strong criticism of the deal.

Mercedes last week announced a deal with Kingspan, a company that fabricated some of the insulation used on Grenfell Tower, the tower in west London that caught fire in 2017, killing 72 people.

The Kingspan logo first appeared on Mercedes cars during the Saudi Arabian GP last week.

“The Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team and Kingspan announced today that they have mutually agreed to end their partnership,” the F1 world champions said in a statement.

Announced last week, the new partnership included Kingspan chairing a new sustainability working group for the team, and aimed to reduce carbon emissions through their cutting-edge environmentally and sustainable solutions for the future campus of the team.

“However, both sides subsequently concluded that it was not appropriate for the partnership to move forward at this time, despite its expected positive impact, and therefore we agreed that it would be discontinued with immediate effect. “

The deal was condemned by Grenfell United, a group that represents survivors and bereaved families, who called the relationship “truly shocking” and demanded that it be severed.

In response to a letter from Grenfell United to him, Mercedes team manager and co-owner Toto Wolff apologized for the “further harm this announcement has caused” and accepted an offer to meet with the group.

The Mercedes-Kingspan partnership has also been condemned by Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Leveling, Housing and Communities.

In his own statement released on Wednesday, Kingspan said: “We are deeply aware of the sensitivities raised in recent days, and therefore we have jointly agreed that it is not appropriate to move forward at this time.

“A lot has been written about this in the last few days, and out of consideration for our customers and all the great people who work for us, we feel we need to respond.

“We played no part in the renovation of the Grenfell Tower. However, our company Kingspan Insulation UK is a key participant in the Grenfell Tower investigation and fully supports the important work of the investigation.

“We understand that this is a complex subject, but there are a few important facts we would like to explain: 1. We did not do the exterior cladding of the Grenfell Tower. The investigation itself said that “the main reason” for the rapid fire spread over Grenfell was the polyethylene core ACM coating used on the exterior of the building.

“No facade system using this ACM PE coating, regardless of the insulation used, would have passed the necessary full-scale system fire test. Our K15 insulation board has been misused in this dangerous and non-compliant system.

“2. We did not provide or recommend the K15 to Grenfell Tower. K15 constituted approximately 5% of the insulation layer of the facade system. He was replaced without our knowledge. 3. We performed new tests that corroborate previous fire safety claims from the three historical large-scale K15 system tests that were called into question during the investigative process.

“We condemn in the strongest terms possible the totally unacceptable historical conduct and emails that have emerged throughout the discovery process of the investigation. We sincerely apologize for these actions by a small group of employees at our company Kingspan Insulation UK. This in no way reflects the culture or values ​​of Kingspan. “


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