Mel Brooks Says “It’s Hard To Go On” After Close Friends Dies – .

Mel Brooks Says “It’s Hard To Go On” After Close Friends Dies – .

Mel Brooks said he sometimes “struggled to keep going” when he remembered the friends he had lost.
The comedian, 95, spoke of the death of his best friend Carl Reiner, who died in June 2020, at the age of 98.

He has now written a memoir, which includes funny stories about Reiner as well as actor Gene Wilder and his wife Anne Bancroft, who are all deceased.

“When I think back to people like Gene, who I loved so much and miss so much, and my adventures with Carl, and of course my wife who was my great love and support, it was sometimes hard to keep going. “, he said The Guardian of his experience writing the book.

Brooks said he now finds it difficult to do activities he would have done with Reiner, whom he described as “the most wonderful friend a person can have.”

“It’s over for me,” he said. “All the stuff I used to do with Carl is still there, but I don’t like it if I don’t share it with Carl.” It’s that simple. “

Brooks and Reiner met in 1950 when Reiner appeared on Your Show.

Mel Brooks with his best friend Carl Reiner, who passed away in June 2020 (Getty Images)

He said Bancroft’s death from uterine cancer in 2005, when she was 73, “still hurts too much” for him to write, adding: “I don’t decide to turn on one of his movies, but if there’s one when I turn on the TV, then I’m caught, and I’m going to stay until the end and cry.

“I will see his energy, his joy of living. She was just amazing. I don’t think there was anyone better.

All on me! by Mel Brooks is published by Cornerstone.

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