Mario Cristobal comments on rumors of Miami, his future with Oregon – .

Mario Cristobal comments on rumors of Miami, his future with Oregon – .

Mario Cristobal admitted that the Oregon Ducks were working to present him with a new contract in Oregon in the coming days or weeks, but when asked if he planned to sign the deal and stay with the Ducks or accepting a job offer from the school he played for and graduated from. hurricanes in Miami, Cristobal declined to answer.

“When you say someone’s offer, I haven’t spoken to anyone,” said Mario Cristobal after Oregon’s 38-10 loss to Utah in the Pac-12 Championship game. “Let’s not create stories while we are at this press conference. Oregon is working on things for me and that’s what I have right now. “

The problem is, Mario Cristobal himself could have killed this so-called narrative by saying that he was staying with the Oregon Ducks and that he would be their head coach for the 2022 season. asked what he would say to the Oregon fan base and his supporters amid all the rumors about him and Miami and the fear that he would leave the Ducks this offseason to go home.

“I would say if there is something to report, I would report it,” said Mario Cristobal. “I’ve always done it over the years. I think because some things or things are actually on the air or not, every year all of our staff, be it behind the scenes, in public or not, we’ve always had people after our people, including me- same. How the media treat it, how the media present it, I have no control over it. “

Cristobal was lucky enough to crush the rumors himself by saying that he would tell fans that he would be in Eugene in 2022 and not in Miami and he only deviated by saying that there was nothing to report .

“I don’t know what to tell you. If I had plans if I had a decision to make, or if I had something to report, I would, ”Cristobal said. “I wouldn’t keep it one way or another. Do I expect people to come to me, yes I do, it happens every year. Is there anything else to report besides that, there is nothing else to report other than that. If there is, when there ever is, if there ever is, I’ll make sure to get it out as quick as possible. “

Friday night in Las Vegas, the Ducks were flat and didn’t show the same energy they showed in their biggest games of the year under Mario Cristobal. The Ducks never really felt on the same footing as the Utes. After the game, the Oregon players were asked if rumors around Cristobal played a role.

“I think we all block out the outside noise, we were 100 percent focused on this game,” said starting and junior center Alex Forsyth. “They were the best team. “

Verone McKinley III simply said “no” when asked.

Cristobal was asked if he would listen to a job offer from Miami or any other school, and again he didn’t want to dive into it and only created more lack of clarity.

“I will not enter into assumptions. We have just finished a game where we played, very poorly trained. I understand you have a job to do, ”Cristobal said. “I have the impression that you are going in circles. You will have the same answer. “

The Ducks’ season now ends at 10-3 on the season. Oregon has finals this week and the team will start preparing for a bowl game in San Antonio against a school Big 12. Cristobal and his coaches will be spreading across the country to recruit. Where is he going? Who is he going to see? What will he tell them when they ask him if he plans to be the head coach in 2022

“All of our prospects, all of our commitments, all of our goals,” Cristobal said of who he will see.

As for what he will say?

“Treat everything directly as we always do. “


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