Maralee Nichols tries to ‘win’ with lawsuit – .

Maralee Nichols tries to ‘win’ with lawsuit – .

Tristan Thompson filed for an emergency gagging order on Monday, in an effort to prevent his alleged little mom, Maralee Nichols, from making their paternity claim even more public than it already is.

The NBA star filed the claim in Harris County, Texas, just three days after news of the lawsuit broke.

In his brief, obtained by Page Six, Thompson claims “the intention of the personal trainer throughout [was] to try to achieve some kind of notoriety and win for herself in this lawsuit.

Thompson, 30, alleges that Nichols’ inclusion of Snapchat messages allegedly sent between the two – which he denies writing or sending – “tries to smear it” and are “entirely and clearly fabricated,” according to the filing.

Thompson also claims Nichols “alerted the media” to fathering his child and concurrent lawsuits in California and Texas, although the court has previously granted a protection order to protect documents containing sensitive personal information. .

The Sacramento Kings star, who has said he will retire after this season, further alleges in the record that he suffered “damage and extreme distress.” He’s asking the court to hold an emergency hearing for a full gagging order, and also wants Nichols to post $ 30,000 bail to “dissuade” her from breaking the order. Additionally, Thompson wants Nichols to pay his fees for filing the claim.

A judgment has not yet been rendered.

Nichols’ attorney did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

Nichols’ baby was reportedly conceived on Thompson’s 30th birthday in March, when he and Khloé Kardashian were still dating.
Getty Images for Rémy Martin

Page Six reported on Friday that Nichols claimed in the paternity lawsuit that Thompson made her pregnant in March for her 30th birthday, while he and Khloé Kardashian were still dating. She is asking for child support.

Thompson admitted to having sex with Nichols on multiple occasions at a hotel after the couple attended a party together, according to a statement included in the filing.

He filed an application, obtained by Page Six, demanding that she pass a paternity test in July. As of November 15, she had not passed a test, but in a later case he said he would pay child support if the child was his.

In a separate legal file, obtained by Page Six, Nichols claimed that text messages allegedly sent by Thompson showed he wanted her to “have an abortion” and threatened “that she would get next to nothing with demands of less support in Texas ”.

Neither Thompson nor his lawyers responded to Page Six’s numerous requests for comment.


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