Manchester Christmas markets run out of cups due to ‘unprecedented demand’ – replacement raises eyebrows – .

Manchester Christmas markets run out of cups due to ‘unprecedented demand’ – replacement raises eyebrows – .

Manchester Christmas market stalls have been so busy they’re running out of new cups to serve drinks – just three weeks after opening.
Some 40,000 new mugs were put into circulation on the food stands for the comeback of the 2021 event, with two different designs in black and white.

But many stalls are now running out of white cups and have instead had to rely on council ‘relief cups’ – which are from the 2018 cup design.

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Council bosses point to “unprecedented demand” for the cup shortage, with the busiest Christmas markets starting “in years” with thousands of visitors flocking to the downtown attraction.

‘Unprecedented demand’ as thousands flock to Manchester Christmas markets 2021

Anyone buying a hot drink in the markets must pay a £ 3 deposit for their mug – which is refundable if you bring it back to a bar, or, as thousands clearly do, you can keep it and bring it back to the House.

But being served a drink in the 2018 mug shocked some visitors – and some infuriated – who hoped to bring the “new” mug home as a souvenir from the markets.

This is the first year that the mug does not have a date, so it is considered more desirable for collectors.

A visitor to the markets this weekend, who asked not to be named, said she was about to send a photo of her mug to her family – but was upset to find out she was wearing the date of 2018.

A reader sent this photo of a 2018 Christmas markets mug served hot chocolate

She said: “I bought some hot chocolate from a stall in Cathedral Gardens, but when I went to send my mom a picture, I was like waiting a second, what’s the date on that?

“My first thought was to ask myself how many people have drunk it if they are still using 2018 cups?

“I wasn’t going to keep it with 2018, so I returned it to get a down payment, I was pretty drained.

“Fortunately, my mom had already purchased one of the new models from the week before, so we have at least one of the new models in the house. “

The shiny new cups seen on market opening day

Manchester Council Christmas spokesperson Cllr Pat Karney said stalls were running out of new cups due to ‘unprecedented demand’ at this year’s festive event, which opened to the public November 12.

He said, “Due to unprecedented demand, some merchants are using our 2018 cup supply.

“The 40,000 undated cups are used or kept by visitors to the markets.

Pat Karney and shopkeeper Anya Manke both got new mugs on opening day

“The markets are the busiest we have seen in years.

“People want to celebrate and connect with Christmas given all the horrible times we’ve been through. “

With another 18 days of shopping until Christmas, we asked Pat if there was a council contingency plan if the 2018 cups were also sold out.

He replied, “Are you good at pottery?

Christmas markets are back in eight areas of Manchester city center this year, including a new food court on Piccadilly Gardens called Winter Gardens.

They are also spread over Market Street, King Street, New Cathedral Street, St Ann’s Square, Exchange Square and Cathedral Gardens.

The coveted Christmas market mug and a sausage

The majority of food and drink stalls are open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. until Wednesday, December 22.

But this year there will also be an extension of hours in the Winter Gardens area and in the Cathedral Gardens, where the Skate Manchester ice ring is located, open until Sunday 2 January.

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