Man arrested for “stabbing colleague to death after refusing to go out with him” – .

Man arrested for “stabbing colleague to death after refusing to go out with him” – .

A man stabbed a colleague to death after she rejected his advances, it has been learned.
Augstin Lucas Mariani, 20, faces second-degree murder charges after Delfina Pan, 28, was killed in Miami, Florida.

Delfina, who moved from Argentina to Florida two years ago, has refused to date Mariani, the Miami Herald reported.

Mariani “arrived at the victim’s apartment uninvited and waited for the victim,” according to the Miami Beach police report.

When Delfina returned home, Mariani demanded to speak to her inside her apartment, and when she refused, he launched the fatal attack, authorities said.

Delfina Pan, 29, was stabbed to death

Police say he “produced a knife and without provocation started stabbing the victim.”

The knife reportedly disappeared from the restaurant where Delfina and Mariani worked.

The suspect then stabbed himself in the chest, inflicting a non-fatal injury and was found lying on top of Delfina outside the apartment, according to reports.

They were both rushed to hospital, where Delfina was pronounced dead and Mariani was charged with second degree murder as he recovered from his self-inflicted injuries.

Delfina and Mariani both worked at the Kansas Bar and Grill in Miami, Florida.

Delfina and Mariani worked at the Kansas Bar and Grill.

Colleagues told police he regularly professed his love for her and would kindly decline his offers.

One of Delfina’s friends told Today in 24: “He worked with us. A super strange boy and no one knew anything about his life. He went to work and didn’t say hello to anyone. ”

Delfina left Argentina for the United States two years ago

Police discovered that when Delfina left work early last Monday, Mariani also left – but it was in the middle of her shift, reports said.

Mariani has invoked her right to remain silent, according to the Miami Herald.

Delfina’s friends told NBC6 that she wanted to be a fashion designer and was living with a childhood friend.

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