Magnus Carlsen vs Ian Nepomniachtchi: 10th game of the World Chess Championship – live!

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Hello and welcome to the 10th game of the World Chess Championship. The overall score in the showdown between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi is 6-3 at Carlsen after the Norwegian’s decisive wins in Matches 6, 8 and 9.
The day before yesterday, Nepomniachtchi was looking to become the third player in the recognized 135-year history of World Championship games to win after being trailed by two or more points. The others were Max Euwe, who rallied 5-2 against Alexander Alekhine before winning 15½-14½ in 1935, and Bobby Fischer, who trailed 2-0 against Boris Spassky before winning 12½-8½ in 1972.

The task is all the greater after Tuesday’s shocking turn of events: when the Russian challenger made an extraordinary blunder in the middle of the game (27. c5 ??) which cost him a madman and immediately steered Carlsen towards a direct victory in just under four hours.

Ian Nepomniachtchi (white) made a fatal blunder (27. c5?) In Tuesday’s ninth game with Magnus Carlsen (black).

“The pressure is on everyone,” said Carlsen, 31. “As I said before, no style points were awarded. I’ll take it. It was a tough game in which I was under pressure both on the board and on the clock. Just turning the tide like that was unexpected.

For anyone who just got on board, Carlsen, who turned 31 last week, has been No.1 on the Fide table for 10 consecutive years and was considered the best player in the world even before dethroning Vishy Anand for the title in 2013. Nepomniachtchi, also 31 years old. , is ranked No. 5, having earned his place at the table by winning the eight-candidate tournament in April.

The best of 14 match is played at the Dubai Exhibition Center and the winner gets a 60% share of the € 2million ($ 2.26million) prize if the match ends in settlement (or 55% s ‘it is decided by equality – break games).

We’re about 40 minutes away from today’s first move with Carlsen ready to put the white pieces together.


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