Ludwig announced million dollar Smash Bros tournament after Youtube move – .

Ludwig announced million dollar Smash Bros tournament after Youtube move – .

When it comes to fighting game pros, Ludwig has become one of the most recognizable. The player has achieved huge success with their online content. He has just announced that he will take it to the next level in the coming months. This is going to involve a Ludwig Smash Bros tournament with a massive $ 1 million prize pool. Along with this, the streamer just uploaded their content exclusively to YouTube. Only the biggest streamers can pull off these types of power moves. This is what happened with Ludwig YouTube’s move.

Ludwig switches to Youtube

Ludwig became the last streamer to switch entirely to YouTube rather than Twitch. The streamer has gained notoriety lately and made a significant breakthrough earlier this year. The streamer ran a 31-day full-time stream, with only short breaks when others took over. The net result of this streamathon broke Ninja’s subscriber record on the platform. After breaking the Ninja record, it’s only fitting that he also partially repeats Ninja’s spinoff with Twitch.

The streamer has signed an exclusivity deal with YouTube, switching to YouTube games only from the end of November. There were a few factors behind this move. The financial incentive to sign exclusivity deals cannot be ignored and it seems that Twitch, as the market leader, is unwilling to accept these prices. Beyond that, Ludwig expressed his frustration with Twitch and the way he treats creators.

Explaining the reasoning behind the move, Ludwig spoke of more than just his signing fees. He specifically spoke about how willing YouTube is to work to cultivate their streamers, compared to Twitch’s complacency. Ludwig talked about going straight to Twitch to discuss a different offer, but basically getting nothing in return. YouTube, on the other hand, has helped organize a schedule that supports streaming for fewer hours, solving burnout issues that have long haunted streamers now.

Twitch completely dominates the streaming market, so these attitudes come as no surprise. However, if they continue to bleed big name streamers like with Ludwig YouTube, they just might lose that dominance.

Ludwig announces Smash Bros tournament

Along with the Ludwig YouTube movement that cements him as a big name in streaming, Ludwig has announced a jaw-dropping Smash Bros tournament. Coming just a little after Nintendo brought the world of Competitive Smash to an end, Ludwig seems to have set out to make their efforts less impressive. While discussing Ludwig’s move to YouTube on the Stanz Show, he mentioned the tournament he was planning to host in 2022. This event will feature a $ 1 million prize pool, with events for Ultimate and Melee. Smash is one of the best fighting games out there, but prize pools like this remain big news for the game.

This tournament also played in its YouTube movement. With a full team of ten to support, Ludwig spoke about not being able to just throw that money away at a tournament on Twitch. Especially for a game like Smash Bros which has a tricky history of intervention preventing decent sponsorship. YouTube’s efforts to support it should make that more possible. Between the tournament and his previous subathon, Ludwig quickly made a name for himself by being ready to put on bigger events and stunts to keep fans entertained. With YouTube behind him instead of Twitch, it will be interesting to see what great ideas he pulls off next.


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