London Records Nearly 40,000 Covid Cases In One Week Amid Omicron Spread – .

London Records Nearly 40,000 Covid Cases In One Week Amid Omicron Spread – .

N40,000 first cases of Covid have been confirmed in London in just a week, official figures have revealed.

They also show that more than 1,000 coronavirus patients are in hospitals in the capital.

Health chiefs are looking to accelerate the rollout of boosters and get more people on the first and second doses, to combat the threat of the Omicron variant.
So far, 1,986,463 boosters, or third doses for people vulnerable to the virus, have been administered in the city, along with 6,183,059 vaccines in the first dose and 5,615,689 in the second dose.
Ministers are ramping up the vaccination campaign, with more vaccination sites due to be opened, however, they face criticism of the slow rollout.
The number of confirmed Covid cases rose to 39,877 in one week in London, according to figures released on Sunday.
The highest daily count was 6,901 on Thursday, with 4,713 on Sunday.
The UK Health Safety Agency said 86 more cases of Omicron had been confirmed in the UK on Sunday, 68 in England and 18 in Scotland, bringing the total to 246.
London is one of the regions with the highest number of Omicron cases which scientists expect to evade vaccines to some extent and spread faster than the Delta variant which is currently dominant in the UK.
As of Friday, there were 1,069 coronavirus patients in city hospitals, including 187 so sick they are on ventilators.


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