London gang caught spitting on Jewish teens in ‘anti-Semitic’ attack – .

London gang caught spitting on Jewish teens in ‘anti-Semitic’ attack – .

A bus full of Jews was attacked on Oxford Street in central London (Photos: The Jewish Chronicle)

It’s the shocking moment when a bus full of Jews celebrating the second night of Chanukah got spit on by a gang of men.

Footage from the “anti-Semitic” incident, which took place on Oxford Street in central London, shows men shouting threats, cursing and trying to smash shop windows as shoppers watch.

Inside the bus, passengers can be heard shouting “We are Jews” and “Come on, come on, drive” as one of the attackers removed his coach and started banging on the window.

None of their slurs could be heard, but as the vehicle pulled away some of the men chased after it and made obscene gestures.

Metropolitan Police confirmed that the footage, originally shared by the Jewish Chronicle, was under investigation and the incident was being treated as a hate crime.

Officers were called around 8 p.m. Monday and then met the passengers at Grosvenor Place.

The group shown in the video has not been located and there have been no arrests.

Metropolitan Police confirmed the incident was being treated as a hate crime (Photos: The Jewish Chronicle)

The “despicable” scenes were condemned throughout the Jewish community on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Community Security Trust (CST) – a charity that monitors anti-Semitic incidents and provides security support to British Jews – said: “London is a city where Jews should be able to celebrate our festivals and enjoy an open and confident life. Jewish way of life.

“This disgusting incident goes against everything this city stands for and should be condemned by all. “

London Mayor Sadiq Khan also shared a message of support, saying: “We take a zero tolerance approach to anti-Semitism in London.

“Police are rightly investigating this heinous incident on Oxford Street as a hate crime. “

Councilor Rachael Robathan, head of Westminster City Council, also condemned the attack in a tweet: “Deeply disturbing scenes from what appears to be an anti-Semitic attack on Jewish teenagers on Oxford Street.

“We categorically condemn these scenes and I will raise this with @metpolice UK. We stand alongside our Jewish community ‘

Comedian Matt Green also posted: “These images from Oxford Street of men mistreating Jews on a bus are horrific and disgusting and show that anti-Semitism remains a real problem in this country.

“Solidarity with my Jewish friends and I hope these men will be found and punished. “

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