London braces for Plan B as Boris Johnson faces wrath from Tories – .

London braces for Plan B as Boris Johnson faces wrath from Tories – .

TThe capital is preparing for the introduction of strict ‘Plan B’ restrictions aimed at delaying the spread of the new Omicron variant of Covid-19.

Under the measures Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday evening, face masks will be required in more public places, including theaters and cinemas, from Friday.

The prime minister also said the focus on working from home would return and Covid health certificates were to become mandatory at large sites from next week.
Despite the tightening of rules, he said Christmas parties and nurseries could take place, as he started the movement as he came under increasing pressure over a leaked video that saw his Downing Street assistants joking about a festive rally, causing her former press secretary Allegra Stratton to resign Wednesday afternoon.
Tory backbenchers have openly questioned the government’s “credibility” in its ability to enforce the rules when many believe Downing Street broke them.
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Business leaders are worried about the impact that Plan B measures will have on certain sectors.
With the spread of the Omicron variant in the UK, the government has said that from December 10, face masks will become mandatory in most indoor public places, other than the hotel industry. From December 13, a return to work at home where possible orientations will intervene.
The latest move is seen as a blow to central London at a time when footfall had improved after a difficult period for businesses which saw the number of workers and buyers plunge into the City and the West End .

The leak of video n ° 10 “shocked me” – Secretary of Health

Sajid Javid made the rounds of the media Thursday morning, after snubbing them yesterday following the fallout from the now infamous leaked video # 10.
He said that seeing the leaked footage of Downing Street assistants laughing at a “fictional” Christmas party “shocked me”, which is why he has withdrawn from media appearances.
When asked if a party had taken place, he replied, “The truth is, I don’t know. I have received assurances, like the Prime Minister, that the rules have been respected ”.
He said he “did not know” why former press secretary Allegra Stratton had resigned but that an investigation, led by the secretary to the cabinet, would yield answers.
Mr Javid said: “I understand the anger over this video” but it is right to have a “flexible response” to the pandemic.
The health secretary also said that if Plan B measures were necessary, mandatory vaccination “would not work”.


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