Lionel Messi at France Football: on Neymar, Cristiano, Maradona, the GOAT, models…

Lionel Messi at France Football: on Neymar, Cristiano, Maradona, the GOAT, models…

On Monday, the world watched Argentine superstar Lionel Messi win his record-breaking seventh Ballon d’Or at the glitzy Parisian ceremony. France Football magazine is behind the award and published an interview with the player now a member of PSG on Saturday.

Messi refuses Neymar’s “10”

The importance of being humble: “I come from a working-class family, my father worked all day and we lived in a fairly modest neighborhood. But we never lacked for anything, thank goodness. My parents instilled in me respect, especially for others, as well as hard work and humility. I grew up with these values. When I arrived in Barcelona at the age of 13, I found the same values ​​at La Masia.

Throw Neymar out of the no. 10 jersey at PSG: “The ’10’ was for him. I came to a new team to help. It was an extraordinary gesture on his part, but I expected it because I know Neymar. We spent time together in Barcelona and we are friends. It seemed fairer to me that he kept the number “10”. That’s why I took another one that I liked [30].  »

Why he lay behind the wall of free kicks in the 2-0 win over Man City: “At that point, it had to be done. We win. No one else was there to do it and because I was, I did. To be honest, there was nothing that could be done. We all have to do something to get results. “

What he thinks is considered the best in history: “I never said I was the best in history and I don’t try to push that perception myself. For me, being regarded by others as one of the best in history is more than enough. This is something I never would have imagined. It’s something that doesn’t interest me, it doesn’t change whether I’m considered the best or not. And I never wanted to be. “

Is it difficult to be Lionel Messi on a daily basis?

“I’ve been Messi for 34 years so I’m starting to get used to it. I’m happy with everything that happened, although sometimes, I have to admit, I would like to go unnoticed, enjoy being with my family without anyone recognizing me.

“I’m not complaining, on the contrary. It’s always nice to receive a compliment, a smile, or someone asking for a photo with me.

“I got used to it and for me it became normal. So I am very happy. ”


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