LAPD security official investigated for detaining man in France – .

LAPD security official investigated for detaining man in France – .

p data-test-ui = “figure__caption”> Two Los Angeles Police Department officers under investigation after falsely detaining an individual. Photo / Getty Images

Two Los Angeles Police Department officers are under investigation after falsely detaining an individual 9,000 kilometers outside of their jurisdiction.

The “unfortunate incident” as described by police took place in Marseille, where LAPD chief Michel Moore and deputy chief Robert Marino were spending the week on business.

At around 11 p.m. on November 17, the two officers, their wives, two other LAPD officers as security officers and a member of the French National Police left a restaurant.

Shortly after, a man walking down the street ran into Marino’s wife, the LAPD said.

Unable to locate her phone, she believed it had been stolen and a member of Moore’s team was instigated to pursue the man and arrest him.

The LAPD said the French police officer and the two members of Moore’s detachment soon realized that the man “had not stolen any property and that there was no other property missing,” said reported the Los Angeles Times.

The French police officer then took in the complaints from the man and this group about their erroneous detention.

Not only did the man not steal any items, but he was also detained by a police officer who did not have the authority to make arrests in other states, let alone other countries.

According to Brian Higgins, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, even if they were right, they did not have the right to make an arrest.

“They were outside their jurisdiction, they have no authority and they were completely wrong,” he told VICE News.

Higgins added that even though they had a hunch, they should have waited to be absolutely sure.

“Even if it was in the United States, you should have been safer. But doing it when you’re in another country during what we can call diplomatic efforts is obviously embarrassing. “
These are not the only mistakes made.

Officials said Moore was with the group when they left the restaurant but was not present for the detention, meaning the detail had left his manager to pursue the man.

The incident sparked an internal investigation into the LAPD officers involved.

The next day, Moore alerted the LAPD’s Office of Professional Standards of the events and, in a meeting with Marseille officials and the United States Consul General, Moore “apologized for the unfortunate incident” and said that an investigation had started.


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