Kody Brown accuses Christine of using Ysabel’s surgery for her vacation – .

Kody Brown accuses Christine of using Ysabel’s surgery for her vacation – .

Kody Brown has very strict COVID rules since the pandemic got even more intense. He got to the point where he alienated some of his children. They don’t understand why he has to be so strict at the expense of their relationships. One of his biggest problems is that two of his four wives don’t follow all of his guidelines. He thinks they travel too much, especially Christine. In the last episode of Sister Wives, he implied that Christine was taking advantage of Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery as an extra vacation.

Kody Brown’s Way or the highway

In Season 15, COVID overtook the world. Since the Browns are a plural family, they had to figure out exactly how to navigate the pandemic in a more abstract way. When they resided in Utah, everyone was under one roof. Obviously, it would have been much easier to quarantine each other together if that was the current life situation. Even the dead end life of Las Vegas could have gotten them in and out of each other.
Unfortunately, they had bought land in Flagstaff. However, it had not yet been built, so each woman went to look for her own home. No one lived a decent distance away, so they had a lot of autonomy. Kody wasn’t sure exactly what rules every woman followed when it came to quarantining and staying home. He was the one who rotated the houses and did not want to carry the virus.

Sister Wives YouTube

Janelle had two boys who were very active. A son had a job and still worked every day, having to carry papers to get to work. The other was still seeing friends and had a girlfriend. She said she was following CDC rules, but admitted Kody was taking her to a whole new level. Meri had traveled lightly but, like Robyn, knew how to quarantine herself, so Kody trusted them. As for Christine, she was apparently on a whole different level. Kody was about to bring Ysabel’s surgery to Christine’s COVID neglect and it wasn’t pretty.

Ysabel’s Surgery – Just another vacation?

When Kody Brown and the other brides came to say goodbye to Ysabel before she left for scoliosis surgery in New Jersey, she was visibly sad. It will take about six to eight weeks before she can see her father. She wishes he would step up and be with her during this time. In her mind, it is too risky to be away from her family for so long and wish she could wait for the pandemic to slow down. It is simply not feasible. Credit: TLC
Christine needed Kody to sign medical clearances and when she dared to get too close to him he reminded her of “six feet”. He started telling the camera that she would travel a lot with her daughters. They remember the wives discussing the process and how the girls will come for the surgery. Janelle says it will be like a mini vacation, thanks to Ysabel. They note that they are just trying to make the most of it all.

No one was supposed to travel at the start of COVID but apparently Christine was not listening. This hampered Kody’s ability to fully see his children. He began to believe that the reason Christine had insisted so much on Ysabel’s surgery was so that she could have a vacation. As it turned out, Kody didn’t realize the extent of his daughter’s pain. Eventually it worked out for the best as Christine really needed to get away from him for a while.

Do you think Kody Brown ever understood the extent of Ysabel’s pain? Let us know in the comments and don’t miss Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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