Key details about the parents of the Michigan shooting suspect – .

Key details about the parents of the Michigan shooting suspect – .

But Shannon Smith, one of the couple’s lawyers, told the judge that a more complete picture would be released. “There is a lot more going on than what this tribunal has been made aware of,” she said.

During the proceedings, the defense team revealed some details of the couple’s life.

Ms Crumbley, 43, grew up in Clarkston, a Detroit suburb about 20 minutes from Oxford, her lawyer said. Her lawyer added that Ms Crumbley recently worked as a marketing director. A recently deleted, undated profile on a Michigan real estate company’s website had listed her as an employee.

Ms Crumbley was charged with impaired driving years ago, according to her lawyer, and court records show a few other misdemeanor charges.

Mr Crumbley, 45, was also convicted of impaired driving, but no more serious charges, his lawyer said.

In his Facebook profile, which has since been deleted, Mr Crumbley listed a work history at a handful of small software and technology companies. Most recently, from February through July, he worked as an independent contractor for a San Francisco-based tech company called Monarch, according to the company.

“He was fired for reasons unrelated to this incident,” said Chase Gonzales, chief executive of the company, who declined to provide further details.

The couple once lived in Florida but returned to Michigan several years ago, their attorneys said. They bought their home near Oxford city center in 2015.

Former girlfriend of Mr Crumbley, Michelle Cobb, 39, struggled on Saturday to reconcile the news with the man she said she once fell in love with. Ms Cobb, who has a son, Elijah, 18, with Mr Crumbley, opened up about their relationship in an interview outside her home in Jacksonville, Florida.


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