Kai Kara-France’s time has arrived – .

Kai Kara-France’s time has arrived – .

“If I didn’t get a knockout, I would think about changing my nickname ‘Don’t Blink’ because it had been a while since I had one. I’m glad I lived up to my name!
The Kiwi had to survive a series of very difficult positions against Bontorin before they could unleash the full force of their strike. He might find it even tougher against Garbrandt at UFC 269. At the same time, Kara-France believes dropping a weight division will take a toll on the American.

“The cut must affect him. TJ Dillashaw thought he could get off and step on Henry Cejudo, but it’s a different ball game when you lose so much weight. You don’t know how your body will react. You take photos differently. Cody will realize this for the first time when he stands in the Octagon in front of me.

While confident about his chances, “Don’t Blink” definitely respects the former UFC champion.

“I’m actually a huge fan of him. He’s an upcoming fighter. Aggressive, and he’s got a lot of skills too.

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The New Zealander has worked hard to develop his own skills at the world famous City Kickboxing Gymnasium in Auckland. Besides the traditional disciplines of MMA, he reports unusual training that he says has helped him and the rest of the squad.

“Our breathing trainer, Dave Wood, was very important. We use scuba training to help us relax underwater. It has nothing to do with combat, but everything to do with combat. You learn to stay calm under pressure and to adapt.


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