Justin Bieber continues with concert in Saudi Arabia amid backlash – .

Justin Bieber continues with concert in Saudi Arabia amid backlash – .

Calls to Justin Bieber dropping his performance in Saudi Arabia seems to have fallen on deaf ears – because the guy just did … this despite mounting criticism.

Bieber just took the stage on Sunday at the Jeddah Corniche circuit in South Africa, where the F1 Grand Prix takes place … and where he was to be among a list of other artists, his name being by far the most big.

JB seemed pretty excited for the performance… with behind-the-scenes videos of him online. Looks like he was shaking off the pre-show nervousness as you can hear the roar of the crowd just beyond the curtain.

Finally, he made his way to the adoring fans, pointing to the grand entrance… with at least one cameraman in tow. He was wearing a red outfit, apparently some sort of jersey.

After that he went through a number of his songs… including “Deserve You”, “Somebody”, “Hold On” and more. It’s unclear how long his set lasted – but it’s pretty obvious the spectators were happy with the performance… as Bieber seemed to give him everything he had.

BTW, he doesn’t seem like he’s been on that long solo trip – there’s a video of him and his wife, Hailey, go for a walk on Saturday… one day before the time of the show. Hailey was masked and wearing a hat, apparently trying to go incognito… while JB revealed his entire face.

Of course, Justin’s decision to continue the gig is a daunting one for many, especially those who were active campaign for him to cancel everything completely … including the widowed fiancee of a Jamal Khashoggi, who wrote an open letter it’s up to him to reconsider.

For his part, Bieber hasn’t really gone public about his appearance here – but, clearly, he did what he was hired to do. I have to wonder if he’ll fix this when he gets home.


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