Junior World Cup of Hockey: India ready for bronze, revenge against France

Junior World Cup of Hockey: India ready for bronze, revenge against France

India is no longer in contention for the Junior World Cup title but it still has one match to play in the tournament and it will be against France for the bronze medal, at the Kalinga stadium in Bhubaneswar on Sunday.
This is the same team that beat India in their first game and as men’s head coach Reid said after the game against Germany, “We are looking to avenge this loss and finish the tournament. on a good footing. While the team will be disappointed to be able to defend the crown they won in 2016, it’s important to note that Reid is pretty happy overall. “When it comes to the take out, there is good quality within the group and if we can learn from that experience it will be so valuable,” he said on Friday.
And although they did not make it through to the final, the team did pretty well considering how little preparation they had compared to their European rivals heading into the tournament. and there have certainly been some bright spots in their campaign that Indian hockey fans can rejoice in.
Push, trap and shoot
India have been very successful in converting penalty corners. Sanjay was the most impressive of the bunch, scoring six of his eight goals against the PCs. Araijeet Singh Hundal, Shardanand Tiwari and Abhisek Lakra were the other three who also seized the most chances. Not only were they good at converting PCs, but they also gained a lot. In total, they won 26 PCs and converted 13, including one against Belgium which helped them advance to the semi-finals.
Yes, the defense collapsed against Germany and France but in the quarterfinals against Belgium, it was about money. Supporting so much pressure from a team like Belgium for the entire 60 minutes is no joke and in the end they won it. Even in the semi-finals, they did a good job of keeping the Germans quiet in the second half.


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