Judge Grants Hearing to Reconsider Mayor de Blasio’s Vaccine Mandate for New York City Employees – .

Judge Grants Hearing to Reconsider Mayor de Blasio’s Vaccine Mandate for New York City Employees – .

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – A New York judge granted a hearing on Tuesday to consider a restraining order on the city’s vaccine mandate that applies to all city workers, including police and firefighters. hearing, granted by Judge Frank Nervo, will determine whether a temporary injunction on the warrant is warranted and give the city until next Monday to respond, with the hearing scheduled for the next day.
The hearing concerns the case of NYPD Detective Anthony Marciano, who said he “has developed and retains natural immunity to COVID, as recent blood tests have shown” and denies voluntary consent to COVID vaccination. “It is now very clear that the vaccination order is not a limited emergency health measure to prevent the spread of COVID by city employees with important contact with the public, or by city workers. in contact with a particularly vulnerable population. The vaccination order applies with the same force to City employees with little or no contact with the public, and does not apply to employees outside the City who may have extensive contact with the public ”, said the lawsuit.

While the hearing does not affect the mandate the mayor announced on Monday for private sector employees, legal challenges are also expected to be filed against that mandate.

On Tuesday, a Staten Island-based lawyer said he would file a class action lawsuit against the private sector mandate, on behalf of all unvaccinated workers in the city.

“We are going to file a class action, we received dozens of calls yesterday and dozens more today, on behalf of any employee,” said lawyer Louis Gelormino. “Anyone who works in New York who has a job in New York, that could be 16 to 75, anyone who works in New York who doesn’t want to get the shot, we’re going to file a class action lawsuit. on their behalf. This new mandate is expected to take effect just four days before he leaves office.


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