Jeff Garlin Awkwardly Admits, Denies Long-Time Misconduct On The Set Of “The Goldbergs” – .

Jeff Garlin Awkwardly Admits, Denies Long-Time Misconduct On The Set Of “The Goldbergs” – .

My family is obsessed with Les Goldberg because my kids are fascinated by the 1980s and because there isn’t a lot of Jewish portrayal in the family sitcom space. My kids have seen each episode three times, but they have no idea there was any behind-the-scenes drama. For example, two years ago Bryan Callen – a supporting star in both Les Goldberg and its consequences, School – was fired from the show after rape allegations against the actor, a close friend of Chris D’Elia, surfaced.

Meanwhile, this week, Maureen Ryan on Vanity Fair interviewed series star Jeff Garlin about misconduct on the set of the series. This is a story Ryan has been working on “for a while,” and it’s fair to say that if Mo Ryan has been working on a story about you for a while, it’s no good. Against the apparent advice of his management, Garlin agreed to answer all of Ryan’s questions. It didn’t turn out well for Garlin, who seemed to answer all questions by first agreeing with Ryan, then remarking how much he respected Ryan before admitting that at least most allegations against him are true, but that he would characterize his behavior different from that of people who were offended by the behavior.

The entire interview is awkward as hell and weird but worth reading. The bottom line, however, is this: Sony has repeatedly opened HR reports on Garlin over the past three years based on his behavior on set. Seems like he makes a lot of irrelevant, impolitically correct, profane jokes that he repeatedly calls “silly” but that others clearly don’t like (the only example Garlin would offer is that when he gets up , he often says: “Ouch, my vagina.”). He also clearly made a joke that his replacement didn’t like. Plus, he’s a cuddly person, and it’s obvious that the hugs make some people on the cast and on the team uncomfortable. He also apparently texted an actor and told him that she should come to the next table wearing only panties, although Garlin claims he didn’t text this, but if he does. actually, there was nothing sexual about it.

“If I wrote something like that,” Garlin said, “it had to do with something going on, and it wasn’t something sexual. Yeah, there’s no way. I speak 100%, not at all, because I don’t speak that way. I do not. Now did I jokingly say stuff like that? You bet. But without joking where the underlying thing was something sexual. It would have been silly.

“Idiot” is a word he comes back to several times to describe what is clearly vulgar behavior that he says is acceptable on the set of Calm your enthusiasm, but that the most “politically correct” people on the set of Les Goldberg find it offensive. Garlin also routinely denies certain behaviors before admitting to those same behaviors.

Garlin, however, emphatically insists that he is not fired by Sony, but also says, “We’ll see what happens,” while vowing to never behave badly on set again, even if he does. denied misbehaving on set in the first place. .

“We’re talking about what we’re going to do, but there will be no layoffs. i will work more on Les Goldberg, just to let you know, I am in contact with Sony. I will shoot more days in the series. When I shoot for more days, just to make it go well, I won’t do any of my nonsense or whatever, out of respect. I’m just gonna keep it on the QT, because you know why? They are my bosses. And they have every right to have the decor as they wish.

Looks like he’s got a cushy job, sometimes appearing for just one day’s work per week, which seems fair: his role on the show has been largely reduced to three or four reaction shots per episode, and he’s rarely heavily involved. in the main plots. He tells Ryan he wanted to quit last season due to repeated HR complaints, but stayed another season because he didn’t want the rest of the cast and crew to lose their jobs. That said, he does think the show will likely end after this season, its ninth (and with the show’s youngest character, Adam, leaving for college, that makes sense).

Read Ryan’s enlightening interview in full here, and follow her on twitter.

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