Jeff Garlin addresses alleged bad behavior on ‘The Goldbergs’ set – Deadline – .

Jeff Garlin addresses alleged bad behavior on ‘The Goldbergs’ set – Deadline – .

A new Vanity Fair interview with comedian Jeff Garlin has revealed allegations of improper conduct on the set of his ABC TV series, Les Goldberg.

In the candid conversation, Goldberg stood up for his integrity and said no one had personally spoken to him about his actions except for the show’s human resources department, who spoke to him three times in three years.

Garlin’s interview with Vanity FairMaureen Ryan this week is avoiding details in favor of general concepts of misconduct, responding to vague rumors that have been circulating, including one that he has been fired from the show.

In the interview, he defended his alleged actions as being simply “silly” and said he was a “hug” and had not been told of any aversion to his practice, even admitting that the The show’s human resources department had spoken to him three times in the past three years about his conduct.

What Garlin would be accused of is never directly addressed, other than an example of him jokingly saying, “Oh, my vagina” in front of the cast and crew.

“If I say something stupid and offensive, and I work in an insurance company, I think it’s a different situation. If, as the star of the show, I demanded a shooting range and on the set, and I was shooting guns every day and was a bit of a coward, for me it’s an atmosphere of dangerous work. If I have threatened people, it is a dangerous work atmosphere. None of this ever happens with me. It’s not who I am. I’m sorry to tell you that there really isn’t a big story. Unless you want to make a fuss about political correctness, ”he said.

The comedian, who is also an EP and an actor on HBO Calm your enthusiasm (who declined to comment) said he didn’t believe Les Goldberg will return to television programming after the end of this season.

Sony Pictures TV has released a deliberately vague statement about Garlin’s accusations. “The well-being of our actors and our team is of the utmost importance to us. It’s an employment issue and it’s handled by HR and production.


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