Japanese billionaire Yusakua Maezawa arrives at the ISS – .

Japanese billionaire Yusakua Maezawa arrives at the ISS – .

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa arrives at the International Space Station on December 8, 2021 after launching from a Russian Soyuz spacecraft.
NASA television
Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa arrived at the International Space Station on Wednesday, where he will spend nearly two weeks as a private space tourist.
Maezawa was launched on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft with production assistant Yozo Hirano and Roscosmos cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin. The Japanese entrepreneur booked the space flight through the US company Space Adventures, which has already sent seven tourists to the space station in Russian vehicles.

“I am excited to share every aspect of my journey with everyone on Earth,” Maezawa said in a statement ahead of the launch.

Notably, Maezawa’s visit to the ISS comes after he booked a trip to the moon with SpaceX, with his project called “dearMoon” which was announced in 2018. He plans to fly 10 to 12 people on the SpaceX’s Starship rocket for a multi-day trip that reaches lunar orbit, with Maezawa stating that he will “pay for the entire trip.”

SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Maezawa provided an update on the spacecraft’s lunar journey earlier this year, with the company’s timeline still targeting 2023. The dearMoon mission would take three days to fly to the moon, buckling behind it in orbit, then spend three days back.

For now, Maezawa is in orbit around Earth – where it will spend around 12 days aboard the ISS before returning on December 19.
Maezawa made his fortune after founding fashion retail company Zozotown, which he resigned in 2019 after selling a controlling stake to SoftBank.


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