Jack Reacher is tall and responsible – .

Jack Reacher is tall and responsible – .

Malcolm Goodwin and Alan Ritchson in Reacher

Malcolm Goodwin and Alan Ritchson in Reacher
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In the 2010s, Jack Reach became a side franchise for America’s biggest action star, Tom Cruise. Another way to show Cruise’s incredible stunt work, the Jack Reach the movies were pitched by fans for, well, picking a man of Cruise’s stature to play Reacher. In Lee Child’s best-selling paperback series, Reacher is “six foot five inches, 220-250 pounds, with a 50 inch trunk. But, of course, that’s not exactly how someone would describe Little King Tom Cruise.

Amazon isn’t playing any of these games with this new trailer. Instead, Alan Ritchson, who could easily be mistaken for a Hemsworth, takes on the role of Reacher, and he’s an absolute unit. The guy who can flex and break the ties of the police and make us plead, “Damn, save some abs for the rest of us.” He’s a great guy and the most important marketing tool in the series.

All about the Attack the trailer is at the service of its construction, showing it as an unstoppable force. A former military officer turned blue helmet, Jack Reacher is a killing machine, unperturbed by the size of someone else. He’s just looking for revenge, justice, and revenge – anything he can get around with those massive guns, including beer bottles that aren’t twist-offs.

There is a little Justified in the tone of this trailer. The modern Western feel and ultra-confident lead give the series a fun pulp that the film series lacked. Coming on Nolan’s heels Black Knight trilogy, the Jack Reach the films leaned more into the darkness of the character. Attack seems decidedly lighter.

Here’s the synopsis for the first season:

Reacher follows Jack Reacher, a veteran Military Police investigator who has just entered civilian life. Reacher is a wanderer, carrying no phones and the bare essentials as he travels the country and explores the nation he once served. When Reacher arrives in the small town of Margrave, Georgia, he finds a community struggling with their first homicide in 20 years. Cops arrest him immediately and eyewitnesses claim to have placed Reacher at the scene of the crime. As he struggles to prove his innocence, a deeply ingrained conspiracy begins to emerge, a conspiracy that will require Reacher’s quick wit and hard-hitting fists to tackle it. One thing above all is for sure: they picked the wrong guy to take the fall.

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Based on Lee Child’s first Reacher novel, Slaughter area, this first season includes eight episodes and premieres on Prime Video on February 4, 2022.


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