Iran Reverses All Previous Concessions In Nuclear Negotiations, Says US Official

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Iran has reneged on all compromises made in previous negotiations to relaunch the 2015 nuclear deal, pocketed compromises made by others and called for more in its latest proposals, a senior official said on Saturday. US State Department.

Iran continues to ramp up its nuclear program in a rather provocative way, and China and Russia have been baffled by how much Iran has backed down on its proposals during the talks in Vienna, the official told reporters, under on condition of anonymity.

Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in May 2018.

Indirect talks between Iran and the Biden administration over saving the deal were halted on Friday, as EU officials expressed dismay at the sweeping demands of the new outright Iranian government.

Seventh round of talks in Vienna are the first with delegates sent by anti-Western Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on how to resurrect the deal under which Iran curtailed its nuclear program in return for relief economic sanctions.

Iran came “with proposals that amounted to any compromise – any of the compromises that Iran had offered here in the six rounds of talks, pocketed all the compromises that others, and The United States in particular had done and then asked for more, ”said a senior US official.

The official told reporters he did not know when the next round of talks would resume – other officials had said they would meet again next week – and stressed that the date was less important than the will. Iran to seriously negotiate.

Iranian air defenses fired a missile on Saturday as part of an exercise over the central town of Natanz, which is home to nuclear facilities, state television reported after local residents reported hearing an strong explosion.

State television said air defense units fired the missile to test a rapid reaction force over Natanz.

“Such exercises are carried out in a completely secure environment… and there is no reason to worry,” said army spokesman Shahin Taqikhani.

Iranian news agencies earlier reported a large explosion in the sky over Natanz, but said there was no official explanation for the incident. The semi-official Fars news agency quoted its reporter in nearby Badroud as saying that a short explosion was heard, accompanied by intense light in the sky.

The Islamic Republic says its nuclear ambitions are peaceful.

Israel opposed the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal with world powers, which aimed to curb Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting sanctions against Tehran, because it was too limited in scope and duration.

Israeli leaders have long threatened military action against Iran if they saw diplomacy as a dead end to deny it nuclear weapons.


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