Incident during an LAPD trip to Paris under investigation – .

Incident during an LAPD trip to Paris under investigation – .

Two members of the security services of Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore are under investigation after arresting an individual in the streets of France during a trip abroad by LAPD commanders on last month, police officials confirmed to The Times.
The group had traveled abroad to meet with French counterparts on security preparations for the Summer Olympics, which are slated for Paris and other French cities in 2024 and Los Angeles in 2028. her cell phone had been stolen by a man who hit her on the street, officials said.

The “unfortunate incident”, as police officials described it, led the man and others with whom he happened to file complaints about their treatment, which were passed on to local police. , and Moore to apologize to French and American officials in the Mediterranean port city.

It also sparked an internal LAPD investigation – initiated by Moore – which “will address the circumstances surrounding the incident” and the actions of the two retail officers, said LAPD spokesperson Captain Stacy Spell.

The officers have not been named.

The November 13-20 trip to France included representatives of the LA2028 Olympic Planning Committee and LAPD officials involved in Olympic planning, including Moore and Asst. Chief Robert Marino, who heads LAPD special operations.

Moore’s wife and Marino’s wife accompanied the group, paying their own way, officials said. They did not attend formal meetings.

At around 11:30 p.m. on November 17, Moore and Marino and their wives, two service members from Moore’s Security Detachment, and a French National Police attaché were walking out of a restaurant in Marseille when Marino’s wife was struck by a man on the street, said the LAPD.

Marino’s wife believed her phone had been stolen, prompting a member of Moore’s team to follow and arrest the man and others he happened to be on the street, officials said.

The two members of Moore’s detachment and the French police officer then determined that the men “had not stolen any property and that no other property was missing,” the LAPD said. French police have taken the men’s complaints about their detention.

The US consulate has been notified of the incident, as have local police, the LAPD said.

Officials said Moore was with the group leaving the restaurant but was not “present” during the detention – suggesting the detail let Moore detain the individuals. Details are usually meant to stay with their principals. Marino has no security detail.

Police officers generally do not have the power to make arrests in foreign countries.

The day after the incident, Moore informed the LAPD’s Office of Professional Standards of what had happened, and “an investigation into a complaint by administrative staff was opened against the officers who carried out the initial detention.” said the LAPD.

Moore also “apologized for the unfortunate incident” to officials in Marseille and the United States Consul General in a previously scheduled meeting with them about planning for the Olympics, and told them that he had opened an investigation into a complaint, the LAPD said.

The Los Angeles Police Commission, which oversees police spending, had approved Moore’s trip to France as well as $ 2,475 in costs for Moore’s plane ticket and lodging.

A note forwarded to the commission requesting travel authorization stated that Moore had been invited by the organizers of the Paris 2024 Olympics and intended to meet with officials from the French Home Office and several French police forces. “To develop organizational security plans”. before the next two Summer Games.

“Information exchange will include: transport and accommodation for athletes / coaches and tourists; site security, incident command and coordination between local, state, federal and international agencies, and emergency response planning and procedures, ”the memo reads.

The LAPD said Moore’s group visited Paris, Marseille and Nice as part of the trip. Each city is expected to host some of the 2024 games, with sailing to Marseille.

Richard Tefank, executive director of the Police Commission, said no other costs associated with the trip to France were submitted to the commission on Wednesday, but that he expected documents requesting reimbursement of expenses. more will be submitted to it in the coming weeks.

While the commission approves Chief Moore’s travel expenses, it is Moore who approves the travel expenses of other members of the department, Tefank said.


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