In Cyprus, Pope Francis deplores indifference towards migrants – .

In Cyprus, Pope Francis deplores indifference towards migrants – .

NICOSIA, Cyprus – On the Greek side of the divided island of Cyprus, Pope Francis celebrated an open-air mass on Friday morning, calling for openness to migrants seeking a better life.

As he finished, the Muslim call to prayer echoed through the arched courtyards and dusty streets of northern Turkey, across the guarded border. There, African university students expressed the hope that one day they would be able to leave economically struggling northern Cyprus and join the European Union.

The pope’s appeals for receptivity and compassion were helping their cause, said Chloe Samaka, 30, a political science student from Cameroon, as she walked to class in the north. “When the Pope speaks, it’s not just religious, it’s political.

During his two days in Cyprus, Francis sought to inspire the country, a member state of the European Union, to embrace its history as a crossroads of different cultures, enriched by new migrants, and to be a role model for the rest of Europe.


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