In a first, three white-tailed deer tested positive for Covid in Canada, Trending News – .

In a first, three white-tailed deer tested positive for Covid in Canada, Trending News – .

First, Canada detected cases of coronavirus in three white-tailed deer. As humans struggled to combat the deadly virus and its emerging new variant, now even wildlife is also in danger of becoming infected with the virus.

According to the National Center for Exotic Animal Diseases, the samples were taken in early November in the Estrie region of Quebec. Samples were collected via a “big game” registration station.

“Similar to the findings in the United States, the deer showed no clinical signs of disease and were all apparently healthy. The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) was notified on December 1, 2021, ”the agency’s statement read. .

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The agency further said that at present, information on the spread of the virus in wild deer is limited.

“COVID-19 remains largely a disease of concern to humans and generally spreads from human to human. Compliance with public health advice and full immunizations are key ways to protect yourself against COVID-19, ”the statement said.

Meanwhile, earlier in November, cases of the Alpha variant of the Covid virus were detected in pets when two cats and dogs tested positive in a PCR test.

The team, which conducted the study, also clarified that Covid in pets remains “relatively rare”. Transmission appears to be from humans to domestic animals and not the other way around.

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In addition to these animals, two other cats and a dog exhibited antibodies 2-6 weeks after developing signs of heart disease.
These pets developed acute onset heart disease, including severe myocarditis.

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