Immediate Take-Back From NFL Week 13 Fantasy Football Thursday Night Football

Immediate Take-Back From NFL Week 13 Fantasy Football Thursday Night Football

The Dallas Cowboys beat the New Orleans Saints 27-17 to start Week 13. Dallas had several incredible catches, including a key touchdown and an interception, which were enough to overcome the coach’s absence. -Chief Mike McCarthy. The saints were at a disadvantage without Alvin Kamara.
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Table Notes
  • Snaps include games recalled due to penalties such as offensive gear or defensive pass interference. The other three stats have these games removed.
  • Targets may differ from official NFL sources. The most likely spread would come from a clear thrown pass, where the NFL can give the target to the closest receiver, when that data won’t.
  • Scopes are only on designed games. Quarterback scrambles will not count towards the total number of runs in the game.
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Cowboys de Dallas To Saints of New Orleans

  • CeeDee Lamb: 7 receptions, 89 yards, (3 tackles avoided); 1 rush, 33 rushing yards
  • Tony Pollard: 7 races, 71 yards, (61 YAC), 1 TD; 2 receptions, 3 reception yards

Back from Amari Cooper: Cooper had missed the previous two weeks while on the Covid-19 list. Reports were mixed throughout the week on how much he would perform tonight, as he apparently didn’t have the same conditioning he had before contracting the virus. This left him to play a backup role, usually only playing on third downs and two-minute drills. He caught two passes for 41 yards. Dallas has extended his time off before his next game, which will hopefully be enough to get Cooper closer to 100 percent.

Back from Mark Ingram II: Ingram returned to the Saints roster after missing Week 12 with a knee injury. The saints used Tony Jones Jr. like their early comeback and their receiver turned backward Ty Montgomery like their late return a week ago. New Orleans used a similar strategy this week, only Ingram playing in place of Jones who was a good scratch. The veteran running back was limited to 28 yards on 10 carries against the Cowboys’ strong running defense. If Kamara misses another week, Ingram should be much more successful against the Jets’ run defense both because of the play script and the quality of the defense.

Monitor the health of Ezekiel Elliott: Elliott’s health has been a constant topic of discussion throughout the week – it has been reported Dallas will be limiting his workload tonight, while team owner Jerry Jones has said his back de star would assume a “serious” charge. The Cowboys have used him in exactly the same way they have in the last few games, relying on him early on but often leaving clichés for Tony Pollard. Elliott only gained 45 yards on 13 carries in this game, which probably has as much to do with the Saints’ defense as it has with his health. He can be safely trusted next week with bad news with his injury.

Publication date Marquez Callaway: The Saints switched to using a wide receiver rotation rather than Callaway being the clear better player. This allowed Deonte Harris and Lil’Jordan Humphrey to lead the Saints in reception and score their only touchdowns. Callaway caught his only pass with three minutes to go. He spent a week as Top 20 Fantastic Wide Receivers, and it was at week 5.


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