How to register an S1 in the French system? – .

How to register an S1 in the French system? – .

Reader’s Question: What if you are in the French healthcare system by residence, under Puma, and reach retirement age and get an S1 from the UK?
Once you have reached retirement age and obtained the S1 from the NHS Overseas Health Services, you can register it with your primary health insurance fund (keep a copy).

Since you are already in the system, the change should be easy. Your social security number will not change and your mutual shouldn’t be affected – because your state refunds won’t change.

However, Rachel Thomas-Bonnet, of Perfide Albion, who helps the British in France with the paperwork, said she had occasionally experienced the checkout send new Vitale card.

She said the change is usually “relatively straightforward” if you present a copy of your S1, passport, proof of address and, preferably, a recent one. certificate of rights who can help officials identify you in the system. If you have an account with, you can download a attestation from your personal space under My steps. You can also get them from machines in the Cpam offices or request one on 3636.

Ms Thomas-Bonnet said, in her experience, that there should be no disruption of your rights, depending on the efficiency of the officials in your local office.

If you should encounter temporary problems with your Vitale card, you can, however, ask the doctors and pharmacists for papers. care sheets request reimbursement from Cpam later if you need to pay in advance.

In the future, you will need to apply for a UK Ehic (European Health Insurance Card) to use for health cover when you visit other parts of the EU (but not the UK).

Once you are covered by the UK for your health care, you will be able to benefit from an exemption from French social charges on foreign pension income. You may also be entitled to a reduced rate of social security charges on income from real estate and investments, although the French authorities have not yet confirmed whether this right is maintained after Brexit.

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