Halo Infinite gets Fiesta, SWAT, and free playlists for everyone – .

Halo Infinite gets Fiesta, SWAT, and free playlists for everyone – .

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Even if Halo players are currently enjoying a preview Infinite multiplayer ahead of the campaign launch on December 8, one of the biggest complaints from the community is the lack of playlists for the first-person shooter. But that should change very soon. Like, “before next year” soon.

“We’ve read your comments and are working on plans to add Fiesta, Tactical Slayer (SWAT) and Free-For-All playlists as we speak,” John Junyszek, 343 Industries Community Manager. announced this afternoon via Twitter. “We will be monitoring the health of the playlist after the above three additions and adjust our offering as needed, but we are happy to make these updates ahead of the holidays. “

At this moment, the Infinite halo Multiplayer playlists include Quick Play (a mix of various four-on-four game modes), Ranked (for super serious, radar-free competition), Big Team Battle (massive 12v12 skirmishes), and Bot Arena (humans vs. CPU), far from the offerings of previous games. If you only want to play, say, Capture the Flag matches, this is currently not an option in the playlist system.

This also poses a problem for players looking to complete their challenges since you have no control over the matches you play. Getting a challenge that requires specific modes is especially boring right now, though it’s about to change.

Junyszek explained that the developers plan to use special events to test new game modes before launching them into playlists.

343 Industries would also be working on a Social Slayer playlist, which in 2007 Halo 3 have gathered team-based peripheral modes like Team Slayer, Team Rockets, and more, but that won’t be ready until next year.

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“This is just the start of the conversation with all of you,” Junyszek added. “We hope you will understand and enjoy the [playlists] that arrive before the team takes a well-deserved break!

Infinite halo players previously expressed concerns about the Multiplayer Battle Pass due to its (arguably) slow and thankless progress. 343 Industries have addressed these issues by dramatically increasing XP gain, a quick response that earned the studio tons of goodwill from the community. Let’s just hope the impending playlist updates stop the show’s notoriously unstable fan base from giving the developers too much trouble as they try to enjoy the holidays.


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