GT Rapid Reactions – University of North Carolina Athletics – .

GT Rapid Reactions – University of North Carolina Athletics – .

by Adam Lucas1. Ideal to start the Atlantic Coast Conference game with a win in early December. Carolina dominated Georgia Tech in Atlanta, 79-62.

2. For the second game in a row, Carolina dominated the second half. The Tar Heels beat Michigan 43-24 on Wednesday, then beat Georgia Tech 48-31 in the final 20 minutes.

3. Much of that push in the second half was due to some fine passing. Carolina had assists on 10 of its first 12 field goals in the second half, including magnificent assists inside and outside the Tar Heel big men to three-pointers. On top of everything he did in the game, Bacot had four assists in the opening 12 minutes of the second half. The Tar Heels tallied a dozen second-half assists and finished with a game-high 20. How effective was the sharing of the ball? Carolina hit 66.7% from the field in the second half.

4. A Carolina team that just a week or two ago played individually too often looked a lot more like a collective. Part of this was because the Tar Heel guards were playing a terrific game, as Rj davis scored 21 and Caleb Amour added 17. This duo combined to make 15 of 28 field goal attempts and seven for 11 from the three point line.

5. Much of Carolina’s pre-game preparation has been focused, as it should be, on Michael DeVoe. Leaky black was assigned to Sniper Tech and followed him virtually everywhere during the game, including to the bench. Other than when Black was hit with fouls, his only first-half break came when DeVoe hit the bench as well. As soon as DeVoe returned to the scorer’s table, Black immediately jumped off the bench and went to check in. By his standards, DeVoe was largely a non-factor in Sunday’s game and finished with 13 of 5 for 11 points from the field. Black also got good minutes of relief defensively from Anthony Harris, who played 14 game minutes, a season-high, and was important in the first half when Black had to sit down with two fouls.

6. Armando Bacot was very effective on the inside when the Tar Heels managed to give him the ball. The junior almost managed a double-double (seven points, ten rebounds) in the first half. He finished with his fifth double-double of the season, totaling 15 points and 13 rebounds.

7. As they typically did during Josh Pastner’s tenure in Atlanta, Georgia Tech has changed defense quite regularly, moving from man to zone. For the most part, the Tar Heels have done a good job recognizing the switches and attacking appropriately. It also helps when you have several talented three-point shooters to shoot the opponent from this defense. Carolina hit ten for 17 from the three-point line. In addition to Love and Davis, Brady Manek also hit three trikes.

8. A project for the exam break: get Kerwin Walton return involved. The sophomore only played eight minutes on Sunday and was ineffective, not attempting a shot or rebounding. It would have been hard to believe a month ago that Carolina could hit ten three-pointers without Walton… imagine them with him.

9. Good use of a time-out in the first half by Hubert davis in the middle of the first half. It wasn’t necessarily that Georgia Tech had made five three-pointers in a row. It’s their only two-point pointer in that stretch came when Khalid Moore had near zero resistance going down the lane for a dunk after a Tar Heel turnaround. At this point, Tech was leading, 23-14. After the save, Carolina returned to the game and equalized at half-time.

10. Sunday’s win makes Carolina the third college basketball program in history to amass 2,300 wins. The others are Kentucky and Kansas.


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