Ghislaine Maxwell’s accuser ‘Jane’ shares her testimony – .

Ghislaine Maxwell’s accuser ‘Jane’ shares her testimony – .

“I was frozen with fear,” said Jane. She said she hadn’t told anyone about what happened inside the pool house, adding: “I was terrified and felt disgusting and ashamed. “

Shortly after this incident, Jane said, Ms Maxwell joined them in Mr Epstein’s bedroom; as the two adults touched each other, they guided her to join them. On subsequent visits, Ms Maxwell and Mr Epstein brought Jane to the home’s massage room, where Ms Maxwell explained how Mr Epstein liked to have a massage.

A prosecutor, Alison Moe, asked about Ms Maxwell’s behavior during the incidents.

“I would say it felt very relaxed, like it was very normal, like it wasn’t a big deal,” Jane said.

Jane’s often moving testimony came on the second day of Ms Maxwell’s trial in Manhattan Federal District Court on charges that she helped Mr Epstein recruit, prepare and ultimately sexually assault girls as young as 14. years.

Prosecutors said Jane and three other accusers, all now adults, would testify under pseudonyms or partial names at the trial.

The defense made it clear its intention to seek to undermine Jane’s credibility during cross-examination by suggesting that she has a role and that she only decided to cooperate with the government and involve Ms Maxwell because she believed it would help him secure a claim with Epstein’s Victims Fund, which awarded him $ 5 million.

Late Tuesday afternoon, one of Ms Maxwell’s attorneys, Laura Menninger, began her cross-examination by emphasizing Jane about the delay in reporting her allegations, and sought to point out the gaps in her memory of her teenage years in Florida. His cross-examination is expected to continue on Wednesday morning.


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