Germany demands vaccines for customers of shops and restaurants – .

Germany demands vaccines for customers of shops and restaurants – .

Austria, the only European country to order compulsory vaccinations, has nearly twice as many cases per capita as Germany. But Austria’s workload, still among the highest in the world, has started to decrease, unlike that of Germany.

Christian Lindner, the leader of the Free Democrats, the junior coalition partner in Germany’s new government, has long criticized Merkel’s government for restrictions on coronaviruses. Still, he signaled on Thursday that he would also be open to mandatory vaccinations, given the current infection rate.

Opposition to the rules announced on Thursday is expected from parts of East Germany, where tighter restrictions are already in place to deal with regional outbreaks, and where there have been regular protests against government measures . On Monday, 2,700 people demonstrated in 20 different locations, police said.

Under the new measures, bars and nightclubs in virus hot spots – districts where more than 350 infections in a week are recorded per 100,000 people – would be forced to close and indoor gatherings would be limited to 50 participants.

In other districts, large gatherings at events such as football matches and cultural performances would be limited, depending on the size of the venues, even for fully vaccinated spectators.

And, as was the case last year, the sale of firecrackers will be banned at the end of December, in an attempt to deter the crowded holiday season.


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