Germany announces restrictions on unvaccinated people – .

Germany announces restrictions on unvaccinated people – .

Senior German officials said on Thursday they had agreed to tough new coronavirus restrictions that would exclude unvaccinated people from many aspects of public life, as the country tries to fight a wave of month-long infections breaking daily case records.

“You can see from the decisions that we understand that the situation is very serious,” Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters at a press conference after her teleconference meeting with state governors.

Under the new set of rules, those who wish to shop in places other than stores carrying basic necessities will be required to show full proof of vaccination or recovery documents. States may also add the requirement that a negative test result must be presented in addition to other documents. Where they did not already, restaurants, bars, museums and theaters also prohibit entry to those who are not vaccinated or cured.

In addition, for those who cannot provide supporting documentation, meetings, whether at home or in a public space, will be limited to two homes.


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