Germany announces restrictions on unvaccinated people

Germany announces restrictions on unvaccinated people – .

“You can see from the decisions that we understand that the situation is very serious,” Merkel said at a press conference after a teleconference with state governors.

The announcement, which followed two meetings between the federal and state governments in three days, came after the new government came under criticism for not taking the Covid-19 crisis seriously enough. Although Ms Merkel is still Chancellor, Mr Scholz was active in the meetings and spoke at the press conference that followed, stressing that the new rules and the creation of a working group on vaccines were supported by incoming and outgoing administrations.

“I am happy that in this difficult situation we are working side by side, that party politics take a back seat and that the health of citizens is at the center of the common effort,” said Scholz, who is expected to take an oath. next week.


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