French mountaineer pockets his share of Mont Blanc gems after 2013 discovery – .

French mountaineer pockets his share of Mont Blanc gems after 2013 discovery – .

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                Un trésor d'émeraudes, de rubis et de saphirs enfouis pendant des décennies sur un glacier au large du Mont Blanc en France a finalement été partagé entre le grimpeur qui les a découverts et les autorités locales, huit ans après leur découverte.                </p><div>

                <p>L'alpiniste est tombé sur les pierres précieuses en 2013. Elles étaient restées cachées dans une boîte en métal qui se trouvait à bord d'un avion indien qui s'est écrasé dans le paysage désolé quelque 50 ans plus tôt.

“The stones were divided this week” into two equal lots valued at around 150,000 euros ($ 169,000) each, Chamonix mayor Eric Fournier told AFP.

He said he was “very happy” that the events were successful, in particular for the mountaineer whom he congratulated on his “integrity” in handing over his discovery to the police as required by law.

Two Air India planes crashed into Mont Blanc in 1950 and 1966.

Over the years, climbers have regularly found debris, baggage and human remains on the plane.

In September 2012, India took possession of a diplomatic courier suitcase from the Kangchenjunga, a Boeing 707 from Mumbai which crashed on the southwest face of Mont Blanc on January 24, 1966.

The accident killed 117 people, including the pioneer of India’s nuclear program, Homi Jehangir Bhabha.

Authorities believe the gemstones are likely to have come from the flight that was en route from Mumbai to New York.




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