France rejects idea of ​​British patrols along Calais beaches

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France has formally rejected Boris Johnson’s call for British authorities to carry out joint patrols on the beaches around Calais to deter people from crossing the Channel safely. In a letter to Johnson, French Prime Minister Jean Castex said the country could not accept the presence of British police or soldiers as it would compromise the nation’s sovereignty.

Castex also suggested the UK should reform its systems to provide ‘legal immigration routes’ for people to get to the UK instead of risking the perilous crossing.

However, he promised that France would examine “in good faith” some of the proposals put forward to get out of the crisis.

Johnson sparked fury in France by publishing his letter to French President Emmanuel Macron calling for further action after 27 people lost their lives attempting to cross the English Channel in November. Reports appeared that Macron had called Johnson a “clown” and a “knucklehead” in the feud.

But the British government has promised to work in “close cooperation and partnership” with France following the letter from Castex. According to Le Monde, Castex wrote: “We have always accepted to examine and discuss in good faith the British proposals for strengthening and cooperation. We have accepted some, we have refused others.

France has repeatedly refused British requests for joint land and sea operations on its territory. The French prime minister said more than 700 police and gendarmes were already covering the area around Dunkirk and Calais to prevent small boats carrying migrants from taking on water. But these efforts only made it possible to contain “the phenomenon, no [bringing] a lasting response ”.

Castex suggested that the UK organized “legal immigration routes” for those who had “legitimate reasons” to enter the country, and pursue a “more effective” return policy for those who did not. had not done.

A UK government spokesperson said: ‘We are ready to discuss all options in the spirit of our close cooperation and partnership, and as a shared global challenge it is vital that we collectively tackle and urgently to illegal migration.


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