France obtains fishing licenses in Guernsey after Brexit – .

France obtains fishing licenses in Guernsey after Brexit – .

PARIS, December 1 (Reuters) – The Channel Island of Guernsey has approved all the licenses France is entitled to under Britain’s post-Brexit trade deal, but dozens more are still being denied by the Great -Brittany and Jersey, a French minister mentioned.

Fishing rights have plagued Brexit talks for years and continue to poison relations between Britain and France, not because of their economic importance, but because of their political resonance for both sides .

Paris says London is breaking an agreed licensing system that grants ships access to other people’s waters, a charge Britain denies.

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“As the deadline set by the European Commission approaches, the issuance of 43 permits is excellent news for our fishermen,” Annick Girardin, Minister of the Sea, said on Twitter.

Guernsey confirmed that the licenses had been approved.

Guernsey and Jersey, two dependencies of the British Crown, are much closer to the northern coasts of France than to Great Britain.

Girardin said France was still awaiting 59 Jersey licenses and 52 licenses to fish in territorial waters 6-12 miles off the British coast.

President Emmanuel Macron, who faces elections next year, has said his government will not rest until its fishermen get all the permits Paris owes them.

French fishermen temporarily blocked the rail link to the port of Calais and the Channel Tunnel last Friday in an attempt to disrupt trade between Britain and the mainland.

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Reporting by Dominique Vidalon; edited by Richard Lough and Gareth Jones

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