France news: Frexit fears erupt as embarrassing Barnier failure reveals EU weaknesses | World

France news: Frexit fears erupt as embarrassing Barnier failure reveals EU weaknesses | World

Earlier this week, the former EU chief Brexit negotiator failed to beat his Republicans (LR) counterparts in the primary. He finished third with 23.93 percent, behind winner Eric Ciotti (25.59 percent) and Valérie Pécresse (25 percent). During his election campaign, Barnier sent shockwaves across the EU after proposing a referendum on immigration and the supremacy of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) over French law.

He attacked France’s “great decline” and claimed that the style of leadership used by current President Emmanuel Macron was too arrogant and determined to mend divisions.
Mr Barnier proposed a moratorium on immigration in an attempt to resolve the migrant crisis that is sweeping through France and Europe as a whole.

The Frenchman also wanted soldiers to patrol some communities where the police have reportedly lost control and supported a possible referendum on the reinstatement of military service.

Fierce Brexit critic Barnier also argued that in the years to come Germany would be the only European country that could sit at the international political table unless France regains its political independence.

But his elimination from the French presidential race to challenge Mr Macron has further intensified calls for France to continue a campaign to leave the EU, while exposing the bloc’s main weaknesses.
History professor Kevin Bossuet tweeted: “Michel Barnier will be able to return to Brussels to say the opposite of what he said, which is also the opposite of what he has always said. “

French MEP Thierry Mariani, former independent LR MP since 2019, replied on Twitter: “In these LR primaries, Barnier has shown how we can defend for two months the opposite of what we have defended and said for years. .

“What is certain is that in the European institutions, he has now lost all credibility. “

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He insisted “I want my country to be around this table” and does not want France to be a “spectator of decisions taken by others”.

Mr Barnier said: “There is a table around which the world will organize itself in the next 30 years and I am talking about it because it concerns our children and our grandchildren.

“Around this table, we find the Americans, who have been there for a long time; the Chinese, soon to be the world’s leading power; India; Russia ; Brasil.

“We will be eliminated from this table. In 30 or 40 years, only Germany will be there.

“Do we want to be at the table or not? I am a patriot, I am a Gaullist, I am European, because I want my country to be around this table.

“I don’t want France to be a spectator of decisions taken by others. I did not enter politics so that France would be a subcontractor of the Chinese and under the control of the Americans.

“I have an ambition for my country. I want France to be respected. “

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.


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