France ‘Could Be On UK Red List’ As Covid Cases Rise, New Restrictions Imposed – .

France ‘Could Be On UK Red List’ As Covid Cases Rise, New Restrictions Imposed – .

The UK’s red list was relaunched in response to the new Omicron strain of Covid – with 11 countries on it as of Monday, December 6.
But what about France? Some analysts suggest he could be the next to be on the UK’s red list following an increase in Covid infections.

This is reinforced by today’s revelation that France has been added to the Philippines’ own red list, effective December 10, according to a tweet from the country’s ABS-CBN News.

Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy are already on the Red List in the Philippines.

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French Prime Minister Jean Castex, who was released from quarantine last week after contracting the virus, has announced a number of measures to tackle the fifth wave of Covid-19 in the country ahead of the Christmas holidays.

Nightclubs in France will be closed for four weeks from this weekend, schools will face tighter social distancing and prolonged use of face masks, and working from home should be strongly encouraged.

Additionally, health passes will now be required for dining venues at outdoor Christmas markets. Vaccinations could also be extended to children aged 5 to 12, and those over 65 will no longer need an appointment to be vaccinated.

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Mr Castex said: “We have all tended to let our guard down. But this is no longer the time for blockages. “

The reason France is not entering another lockdown is its nearly 90% vaccination rate.

Almost all of the cases in France concern the Delta variant. France has so far only confirmed 25 cases of the new Omicron strain, but officials say the number could rise dramatically in the coming weeks.

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As of Sunday, more than 42,000 cases of Covid have been reported in the past 24 hours, and more than 11,000 patients were hospitalized – the highest number since August – including 2,000 in intensive care.

Reuters Covid tracker said France has highest number of new infections since April. The infection rate is currently 465 infections per 100,000 people, about 85% of the November 7 peak.

Last night, Covid data expert Tim White said on Twitter: “France has its second highest daily Covid 19 total on record. Some claim it’s the worst ever (a total of 83,000 in November 2020 clearly included pending cases as it’s 25,000 more than any other day) Tonight 59,019 infections, just 25% above last Tuesday. 168 others died. ”

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