France and the United Kingdom dominate European animation – .

France and the United Kingdom dominate European animation – .

France and the United Kingdom produce almost two-thirds of animated television content in Europe.
Summarizing the conclusions of its latest report, the European Audiovisual Observatory also estimates the annual volume of television animation production in Europe at around 220 titles (TV film seasons or television series), 5,200 episodes and 830 hours . In addition, European television animation co-productions represent 36% of all hours of television animation produced, a much higher share than live television fiction.

Breaking down the production of television animation by country of origin, in average hours between 2015-2019, France represented 35% of the total, followed by the United Kingdom (26%), Germany and France (7% each) and Italy (6%).

Looking at animated films and television content in VOD catalogs, the main findings of the report were as follows:
The weight of animation is significantly high for TV content on SVOD services (22% of titles – 1 title = 1 film or 1 season of TV series)
The United States (by far) and Japan are the main suppliers of animated films and television series.
The share of European works is significantly lower for animation (21%) than for all categories of works (33%). The difference concerns both SVOD and TVOD and is particularly noticeable for animated films.

The report also notes that in Europe:
Around 55 films produced each year
A high proportion of them are co-productions (37%)
The importance of exports (about 2/3 of entries come from outside the main producing country)
A comparatively low market share for cinema admissions in Europe (16%), which varies greatly depending on a limited number of releases.


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