Four observations on Bayern Munich’s 3-0 Champions League victory over FC Barcelona – .

Four observations on Bayern Munich’s 3-0 Champions League victory over FC Barcelona – .

return of the Ghost games

In yesteryear (last year seems like forever), FC Bayern Munich had to play against Barcelona in an empty stadium. Fortunately, they were in Munich this time. But for FC Barcelona, ​​it didn’t matter. At the end of the first half, the result remained the same compared to their previous Gfirst games Clash: Bayern completely dominate the game and take a 2-0 halftime lead before sealing it at 3-0 with a goal early in the second half. However, it was interesting to hear the communication that takes place between the two teams and one thing became very clear: Bayern are excellent in their communication skills.

With COVID-19 rates rising dramatically in Bavaria, expect Face games stay there for the foreseeable future. Bayern are weird without their fans, but if we know one thing Bayern always have what it takes to win when the fans are lacking.

Thomas Müller, the record holder

Thomas Müller: clumsy, clumsy, and only the eighth player in UEFA Champions League history to score 50 goals, joining an elite roster of players who have done everything they can to win. He was able to achieve this with the sublime player of his teammate and teammate Robert Lewandowski, who faced the Barcelona defense and gave Müller a clear opening for the header in the goal.

Although to be fair it must have happened against Barcelona for Müller. It’s not like he has a natural affinity to score against them or anything.

Barcelona withdraw from Champions League

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Over the year it has become increasingly clear that Messi literally wanted this team through one of the worst managerial mistakes ever seen in club football. Now do Barca have talented players? Yes. I’m a fan of Frenkie de Jong and Sergiño Dest, but other than that they’re a vastly overpaid and overrated team. While Bayern started with their main starters such as Lewandowski, Sanè and Müller, there was a big team rotation early in the second half with Bouna Sarr and Co. making rare appearances. Even then, Barca offered little not to challenge Bayern.

Xavi apparently has his hands full to escape their current La Liga struggles and aims to make a statement in the Europa League (which, man. First Manchester United and now Barcelona in the Europa League. Ouch.)

Nagelsmann drives Bayern

While Barcelona are not the Barça of old, Bayern have managed them with the greatest ease. Honestly, Bayern hardly looked like they’d been challenged and that’s Barcelona. With good team rotation, Nagelsmann allows Bayern to play perfect football. Frankly, Bayern have just demolished their squad and honestly I don’t see more than two teams that have the class to realistically beat Bayern. 18 points, 6 wins out of 6, a +19 goal differential and Bayern is running at full speed. With the Winter vacation ahead, Bayern are set to continue their dominance and if we are lucky we will see a repeat of 2020 nationally and internationally.


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