‘Fortnite’ on land with players stuck outside of new Chapter 3 map – .

‘Fortnite’ on land with players stuck outside of new Chapter 3 map – .

Fortnite Chapter 2 is over and Chapter 3… hasn’t quite started yet. After the calamitous battle against the Queen Cube, Fortnite (and right now, the Epic Launcher) is down until Chapter 3 goes live. The last time this happened we had black hole animation for a few days. Now? Guess it won’t be that long, but players are now floating in a vast ocean, waiting to make their way to the map.

So how did we come to this?

Well, for starters, players are placed in a somewhat defensible area alongside a sympathetic blue cube, which fought back against the Cube Queen and her hordes of cube zombies and flying saucers until he be impossible to survive.

Then it turned into a cutscene where the Foundation rescues Jonesy from Doctor Sloane’s torture and is revealed to be none other than The Rock, which isn’t a big shock, considering all the clues in the game. and that he has been distributing lately. But it’s nice to see him playing an original Fortnite character, rather than himself or something from another licensed IP, that’s how we usually see celebrities enter Fortnite.

We were taken back to a playable sequence where we walked through tunnels under the island, escorted by a scientist who looked eerily like Joel McHale. After the chamber was flooded, we emerged to watch the entire island turn around and reveal a brand new island below, which will serve as the map for Chapter 3.

Then a tidal wave happened, as you would imagine it could happen when an entire island topples over, and now players are stuck floating around with debris like Jack in Titanic, waiting for the green light. to go to the map. At the moment, we don’t know how long it will take.

Fortnite is moving to Unreal Engine 5 from this new chapter, so it’s a bigger transition than usual. But we also saw the Battle Pass trailer leaked earlier today, implying it might not be this long until the game comes back. Maybe tonight, I guess no later than tomorrow, so the players can still participate over the weekend, but we’ll have to see. Stay tuned for updates as we receive them.

As far as Fortnite events go, it was… pretty good. Lately these have been more cinematic than not, where you are a fairly passive observer. This one incorporated a cutscene straight away, and I personally find the gigs more engaging, but it was still cool.

So you can keep trying to log in to see when Fortnite stops being down, but that’s probably going to be a bit, so keep an eye out on social media for when things come back and you can dive into the chapter. 3. More to come, stay tuned.

Update: Debris begins to float in the water. Maybe that’s how we end up landing on land:

Update 2: The map is slowly being revealed by this website, asking people to return their photos to social media and post #FortniteFlipped

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