Former referee delivers verdict on controversial Takehiro Tomiyasu VAR red card decision at Everton – .

Former referee delivers verdict on controversial Takehiro Tomiyasu VAR red card decision at Everton – .

Arsenal were beaten for the second time in a week in the Premier League on Monday night as Everton lost 2-1 at Goodison Park, but the game was not without controversy.
Richarlison had two goals ruled for offside for the hosts, but more notable was the decision to leave Ben Godfrey unpunished after appearing to smash Takehiro Tomiyasu’s face in the first half.

Just before the half hour mark, Arsenal right-back stole the ball from Godfrey. While lying on the ground, Godfrey hit Tomiyasu’s leg only to knock his boot over his opponent’s face.

There was huge outrage among Arsenal fans that no card was given and Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher felt the Everton man got away with one.

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“As a professional he thinks it 100%, but I can understand why VAR said it was accidental, we can’t prove it’s an obvious mistake,” Neville said in Monday Night Football.

“But as a professional you know that. He thought so, but I can see why it isn’t a red. “

Carragher added bluntly: “He’s a very lucky boy. “

The second-half display did not calm Arsenal supporters as Mikel Arteta’s men conspired to lose their one-goal lead with Demarai Gray’s added time winner securing Rafa three points Benitez.

As the fallout from the game continued until Tuesday, former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher appeared on Sky Sports News to review some of the weekend’s controversial decisions.

He concluded that Goodison Park officials had made the right decision.

“For me, no, but there will be a lot of people who will say yes. I spoke to people last night and this morning, and there are a lot of mixed feelings, ”Gallagher told Sky Sports News.

“The reason I say no is because there is an element of doubt about it and because of a stomping situation, I have always adopted the mindset that only he knows. really. Her foot goes down, but her foot has to go down somewhere.

“In his defense, he looks away. Some people might say he’s looking away on purpose, but he’s looking away and that’s what influences me a bit.

“You look at it from a refereeing point of view, well Mike Dean obviously doesn’t see the challenge because if he does he will stop the game because it would obviously be a head injury. So you presume Dean doesn’t see this, the game goes on and in actual play he then defaults to VAR Stuart Attwell and he watches him.

“He looked at it in depth, for a long time and I think he had the same point of view as me in that he could not be convinced. So he had to clear it up because the pity is that there is nothing but a red card. It must be a red card or leave it as is.

“I was asked if he could send the referee to the screen. If he sends the referee to the screen, he tells the referee that he thinks it’s a bit more. “


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